Think On Your Feet® is a practical, intensive workshop on how to speak spontaneously with Clarity, Brevity and Impact®. The workshop gives you simple, step-by-step methods to train your mind in structured communication.

Getting your ideas across to others is critical in most roles. Sometimes this happens formally in presentations but the great majority of communication is informal, without preparation or aids: over the phone; via email, in meetings or even after formal presentations.

This course, attended by over 500,000 professionals worldwide, teaches the ‘capsules of persuasion’ concept…ways to structure your ideas on the spot. Using this concept, you can speak spontaneously and coherently and cope with challenging questions wherever and whenever you need to Think On Your Feet®.

It’s designed for anyone who needs to think and communicate quickly, clearly and persuasively. This course is particularly valuable for people who need to communicate well under pressure, including senior executives, managers at all levels, sales and marketing professionals, technical specialists, financial analysts, public affairs experts, training professionals, help-desk and customer-service staff, and those in other professional services or consulting roles.

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