Not enough time in the day? Need to train your staff, yet can’t spare people from the workplace? Staff crying out for assistance?

A quick and snappy session with The Mind Factory Mobile Lunch and Learn Cafe is just what you and your staff need! We offer an exciting range of sessions we can deliver as mini workshops Face-to-Face or Virtually via Zoom over 1 to 2 hours – just enough time to feed the brain with some very useful tools and techniques, ideas and insights in fun and thought-provoking ways!

Our Lunch and Learn Sessions include:

  • Think On Your Feet®
  • Write to the Point
  • Understanding Difference
  • Are You Creative?
  • Productive Thinking
  • 10 Types of Smartness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creative Presenting
  • Visual Explorer
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • BELBIN Team Roles®

For more information on the Mind Factory Lunch and Learn Café series click here.

And a big thank you to Ken Wall of The Thinking Network for providing the material for many of these sessions!