Belbin Team Profiling®

Nobody is perfect… but a team can be!

Great teamwork generates and captures energy and creativity that provide sustainable competitive advantages for businesses.

Improvements in quality, flexibility and innovation are just a few of the benefits from effective teams.
It’s not surprising that team construction, using the right combination of people, has become a priority among successful companies seeking to best position themselves strategically in the 21st century.

Discovering Team Roles

Dr Meredith R Belbin’s work at Henley Management College identified nine clusters of behaviour, termed Team Roles. Each Team Role has its particular strengths and allowable weaknesses, and each has an important contribution to make to a team.

Where do I fit in?

When you complete the Belbin® Self-Perception Inventory you will receive – among other reports – a ‘fingerprint’ of your Team Role preferences. Very few people display characteristics of just one Team Role. Most people have 3 or 4 preferred roles, which can be adopted or eschewed as the situation requires.

Are Team Roles forever?

Belbin® Team Roles improve self-knowledge and understanding among individuals and teams. Team Roles depict a current behavioural pattern – a snapshot of your behaviour at one time. Preferences aren’t fixed, since many factors can influence behaviour, whether a new job, promotion or circumstances outside work. To recognise these changes, you should look to complete Belbin® Self-Perception Inventories throughout your career.

The Mind Factory provides profiling, consultancy, coaching and training on the Belbin Team Role Construct®.
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