1COMMUNICATION SKILLS – A great idea poorly presented is greatly diminished.

The majority of your day is spent explaining, defending and promoting your thoughts and ideas. Whether ad-hoc, off the cuff responses in day-to-day conversations, presenting face-to face or preparing a written report, all require clarity of thought and the ability to clearly articulate your idea.

We have assembled three workshops that will polish your skills, increase your presence and add clarity and impact to your communication.

THINK ON YOUR FEET® targets those spontaneous, off-the-cuff moments you have in meetings and other day-to-day conversations where you are not prepared and can sometimes find yourself caught off-guard. The THINK ON YOUR FEET® communication system flows from a simple idea: Clear Speaking is Clear Thinking™ with a focus on training your brain to respond with ‘structured spontaneity’. Click here for more information.

THE SKILLED PRESENTER™ and WRITING DYNAMICS™ complete the suite of communications skills workshops.

THE SKILLED PRESENTER™ looks at the ‘presentation’ side of communication. In particular we look at how to structure and deliver a presentation. A great deal of the workshop is devoted to stagecraft – the delivery – with a focus on stance/movement, posture, gestures and importantly, voice control and dynamics. Click here for more information.

“WRITING DYNAMICS™ shows you how to achieve quality and improve productivity” in your writing. In short, you’ll increase the impact of your writing and save yourself time in the process. Click here for more information.