A Program to teach Leaders how to influence, engage and inspire

We all need better ways to influence, build engagement and inspire people to take action.

Our STORYTELLING FOR LEADERS® program develops participant’s story skills to do exactly that.

We know that stories are engaging – we tell them informally and people listen, they ‘get’ what we are saying and they remember it Yet few people in business systematically harness the natural power of story in the workplace. Our Storytelling for Leaders® program shows participants how to use the three key areas of story-work;

  • storytelling, story-listening and story-triggering – to influence, engage and inspire people.

WORKSHOP overview:

Our workshops are business focused, practical and designed to provide skills that can be applied immediately:

  • Communication – how to get your message to stick
  • Overcoming entrenched views – how to change behaviour using Influence Stories
  • Building rapport through Connection Stories
  • Insight and empowerment – how to understand what’s really going on – Story-listening and sense making
  • How to connect people with the big picture – Clarity Stories and how to engage customers in co-creating them
  • Communicating business value using Success Stories.