Ken Wall, expert on the business of thinking productively and founder of The Thinking Network, explains Productive Thinking™ as about helping people to raise the power of their thinking – to think exponentially. “Your organisation’s most important resource is its capacity for productive thinking. The better your people can think, evaluate and apply their ideas, the more successful you and your organisation are”.

“Today quality of thinking differentiates great companies from merely good ones. We believe most companies/organisations have the ideas they need inside their own walls. By developing the productive thinking capacity of their people, these organisations can generate more ideas that are innovative, practicable and generate greater success”.

“Whether working alone or in teams, individuals will achieve better results in less time by developing their productive thinking skills. Productive thinking gives individuals a new sense of freedom, confidence and possibility; project teams perform at their highest level of productivity and creativity; and solutions are transformed from good to truly inspired”.

“The thinkx Productive Thinking model is a 6-step problem-solving and opportunity-finding methodology that builds on over 50 years of research by the Creative Education Foundation, 30 years of research by NASA, and 5 years of field testing”.
Productive Thinking is a clear, repeatable process for solving problems, identifying opportunities and creating innovative change.

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