Selling The Way Customers Like To Buy

Everything we do starts with the brain – including the way we sell! The way we think, communicate, build rapport, strategise, qualify customers, identify and negotiate issues, manage objections, handle challenges and present recommendations – these all stem from how we think! At times our thinking preferences can help us with sales. At other times they may hinder our success.

The ‘Whole-Brain Selling’ program gives participants the skills and insights to sell to people with all styles of thinking.

  • Some customers like to have a chat and take their time to build the relationship. You can see they really care about the effect of the purchasing decision on the people and the world around them.
  • Some just don’t tolerate fools and like to make a quick decision.
  • Others need detail and concrete proof that the solution will work to justify the investment.
  • Still others might be early adopters – excited by the concept of the solution and the possibilities it may present to them.

So, the two key questions are: How do you learn your customers’ buying preferences?…. and How do you sell to them the way they like to buy?

Attend our flagship half or one-day sales program The Art of Senior Calling to learn how to:

  • quickly assess how your customer likes to buy, and transfer that knowledge into all stages of the sales process.
  • recognise how your own thinking can affect the outcome of a sale.
  • modify and adapt your own behaviour so the customer will come to identify you as a trusted advisor in their decision-making process – because you know exactly how this customer is thinking!