Write to the Point™ tackles writing problems from a new perspective.

We designed this program to address the many writing problems identified by our clients in various countries around the world.

Write to the Point™ is not based on an academic approach to writing. It responds to real practical needs expressed by corporations, organisations and government bodies in the business world of the 21st century.

This 1-day program introduces participants to an exciting range of proven, accelerated-learning techniques and processes.

What will you gain from this program? You’ll learn how to:

  • save time by changing the WAY you spend your time on the writing task
  • use plain English! Plain English gets your message across clearly, concisely and memorably by putting the reader first. Here we choose the most straightforward language to convey our intended message to readers.
  • be a CREATOR, who is imaginative, innovative, inspired and able to capture ideas swiftly in writing. A creator NEVER gets writers block!
  • be a PLANNER, who presents ideas on computer/paper in a clear, persuasive and easy-to-follow style that readers easily understand.
  • and finally, be an EDITOR, who quickly spots problems and ensures the writing flows well, carries the reader and can be comprehended easily; and ensures that presentation attests to a quality finished document. An Editor aims for clarity, action, engagement with readers, and a polished appearance.

We are confident that by participating in the Write to the Point™ workshops we deliver, you will dramatically reduce your time and significantly improve the clarity and impact of your writing!