Neethling Brain Instrument™

As Ken Wall, world renowned creativity and innovation guru and CEO of The Thinking Network says, “the Neethling Brain Instrument™ (NBI™) is the most comprehensive battery of Whole Brain Thinking instruments in the world”. The Mind Factory have chosen The Thinking Network and the NBI™ as our preferred source of reliable information on thinking preferences and whole-brain thinking.

The Mind Factory use the NBI™ in many of our workshops and programs.
As Ken points out, use of the NBI™ can help individuals and organisations to:

  • increase individual productivity
  • enhance organisational performance
  • strengthen customer and client relationships
  • establish better job and person matching
  • build and lead effective teams
  • understand clients and customers
  • relate better to friends and family!

Available NBI™ Instruments

Business Instruments

  • NBI™ Adult Instrument
  • NBI™ Leadership Instrument
  • NBI™ Skills Instrument
  • NBI™ Job Instrument
  • NBI™ Learning Instrument
  • NBI™ Creativity Instrument

Educational Instruments

  • NBI™ Teacher/Trainer Instrument
  • NBI™ Senior Student Instrument – College/University 17+
  • NBI™ Junior Student Instrument – 9- 17 years
  • NBI™ Young Child Instrument


  • NBI™ Personal Negativity Instrument
  • Organisational Wellness Instrument
  • Organisational Negativity Instrument

Relationship Instruments

  • NBI™ Parenting Instrument
  • NBI™ Relationship Instrument

Sports Instruments

  • NBI™ Rugby Instrument
  • NBI™ Rugby Referee Instrument
  • NBI™ Rugby Instrument
  • NBI™ Soccer Instrument
  • NBI™ Golf Instrument
  • NBI™ Tennis Instrument
  • NBI™ Cricket Instrument
  • NBI™ Netball Instrument

If you would like to complete one of the range of NBI™ profiles or would like to know more, please click here.