Want to climb the sales ladder to a successful selling career? If you’re starting out in sales or have staff who are sometimes called on to sell (even though they’re uncomfortable doing it), then this is the workshop for you.

This popular and highly practical workshop addresses the fundamental elements of successful selling. The workshop is easily tailored to address the unique selling needs of our clients and is equally suited to field and phone-based sales.

A major feature of this workshop’s flexible design is that participants can apply newly acquired skills in a safe non-threatening environment, so they can smoothly transfer new-found confidence and sales poise to their workplace.

As highly experienced and skilled sales facilitators, we also work ‘in the field’ providing on-the-spot coaching and guidance for your sales teams.

By attending Fundamental Sales you will learn key sales strategies and techniques for ethically positioning your business to gain access to key decision makers within an organisation.

The workshop includes business etiquette, consultative fact-finding, cost justification of solutions, and skills for presenting a recommendation and managing objections. During the workshop, informal and formal skills sessions will be conducted to enhance the recommended skill sets and behaviours.