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Visual Explorer

Visual Explorer facilitates exchange of ideas among group members during a critical situation.

In these situations, there are many different perspectives yet some of the information and resources needed for resolution are absent.

The group responsible needs to clearly understand the critical situation as well as their purpose and responsibilities.

How do people develop clarity and build coherence that enables them to take action in these circumstances? Through dialogue, Visual Explorer facilitates exchange of ideas among group members and helps them to reach a shared understanding of specific challenges.

Visual Explorer is most helpful when a group:

  • explores the landscape of a complex set of issues
  • seeks to identify patterns and connections within complex issues
  • seeks a variety of perspectives on the problem and how to solve it
  • asks new questions
  • elicits stories and creates metaphors
  • taps into personal experiences and passions
  • articulates what is known to the group
  • creates and practices dialogue
  • builds on ideas
  • brings to the surface and channels emotions and intuitions
  • imagines alternatives
  • sparks humour and playfulness to ease and lubricate the process