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Selling the Whole Brained Way

Selling the Whole-Brained Way is your next step in sales excellence.

Selling the Whole-Brained Way combines our two most popular workshops (Fundamental Sales and Sell the Way Customers Like to Buy) to ensure you build deep rapport with your clients and influence the sales process with integrity.
Fundamental Sales will give you an understanding of business etiquette, consultative fact-finding, cost justification of solutions and skills for presenting a recommendation, and managing objections. In short, you will have the fundamentals of selling.

So what else do you need to take on board to increase sales, especially the “big” sales? Here you need to be selling from the customer’s thinking preference, i.e., Sell the Way Customers Like to Buy!

We develop your understanding of how to :

  • position with different types of clients such as those who prefer brevity - want full detail - or are big-picture thinkers;
  • “meet and greet” a client who values precision;
  • carry out a fact-finding appointment with a client who is socially considerate;
  • negotiate with a client who prefers to think in a step-by-step approach; and
  • present your recommendation to a CEO whose thinking style is unconventional.
After participating in this workshop you will be well on the way to being recognised as a high performing Whole-Brained Sales Person.